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Rural Project

The rural projects generally include the working of NSS volunteers in adopted villages for eradication of illiteracy, watershed management and wasteland development , agricultural operations , health , nutrition , hygiene , sanitation, mother and child care, family life education, construction of rural roads , campaign against social evils etc.

Important Activities

  • Manual work for accomplishment of the project like sustainable development activities like laying out gardens, tree plantation etc. or any other project depending on local needs and priorities.
  • Discussion on topics like freedom struggle, character-building, development of culture , family welfare , health and hygiene, national integration, eradication of social evils like casteism, regionalism, dowry, untouchability, alcoholism , corruption, gambling and superstitions; civil, social and national responsibilities of citizens, small savings, improved agricultural practices etc.
  • Cultural programmes/community singing in the evening.
  • It is advisable that during the course of discussions on various topics and the cultural programmes - maximum number of villagers/residents (irrespective of their age) are provided an opportunity to benefit from such discussion and cultural programmes.
  • If some of them are unable to participate in the manual work, but are interested in discussions and cultural programmes, this may be encouraged.
  • Cultural programmes, may, as far as possible, be of educative value with social messages.

Participation in parade

  • One of the volunteer participated in Pre Republic Day parade at University of Pune.
  • One of the volunteer participated in Pre-Republic day parade held at K.K. Wagh Engineering College, Nashik.
  • Some volunteers were participated in the Disaster Management Workshop, held at KTHM College, Nashik.
  • On the occasion of Late Karmaveer Bhausaheb Hiray's Birth Anniversary, one day Shranadan Shibir was organized.

National Days and Celebrations

The National Service Scheme programmes also include the celebration of National days. The purpose of such a provision is to celebrate such occasions in a befitting manner.
  • Republic day was celebrated on Jan. 26, 2013.
  • University foundation day was also celebrated on Feb. 10, 2013,
  • Teachers Day celebrated on 5th Sept. 2012

Blood Donation and Haemoglobin Checkup Camp