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Departments of Marathi


  • The dept. of Marathi has been actively functioning since 1969.
  • The erudite academic personality Dr.M.S.Patil, ably headed the dept.
  • His research work in ‘Adibandhatmak Samiksha’ and ‘Dalit Sahitya’ was case in point.
  • His rich research tradition had been effectively continued by the then head of the dept. Dr. Yashwant Pathak, Dr. Pathak’s, ‘Saint Sahitya’ is recognised fact now. His ‘Nachu Kirtnache Rangi’ is a famous volume.
  • After Dr.Pathakthe the yoke of the dept. had ably been carried honored by Dr.Avinash Awalgaonkar. He was also a recognised researcher in ‘Mahanubhav Sahitya’.
  • The dept. has been created many well-known litterateur, poets and professors.


  • Maj. Dr.Vilas Thorat (ANO) has ably been carried out his responsibility as the NCC Officer.
  • Dr. Pramod Ambekar has been carried out his responsibility as the NSS Programme Officer.
  • Presently Dr. Pramod Ambekar is carrying responsibility as the care taker NCC Officer.
  • Dr.P.G.Ambekar is visiting professor at Abad-Lodha College, Chandwad.

Faculty Members

Dr.Vilas Thorat

M.A. B.Ed. Ph.D. (Associate Professor)

Dr. Pramod Ambekar

M.A. Ph.D. SET (Associate Professor)

Research Guide

  • Dr. V.T. Thorat is Ph.D. and M.Phil. Guide of University of Pune.
  • Two candidates have been already completed their M.Phil under the able guideship of Dr. V.T. Thorat


  • Dr. V.T. Thorat has published reference book “Sharsandan” (Critical study on the literature of Sharan Kumar Limbale) under the Suviday Publishers, Pune.
  • Dr. V.T. Thorat has also published a Novel “Madi – Mummy” under the Suviday Publishers, Pune.
  • Also published 06 research papers in reputed National journal “Asmitadarsh”.

Workshop organized

  • Organized University Level Seminar on the topic “Pandit Sahitya” on 14th Feb. 2004
  • Organized State Level Seminar on the topic “Modern Linguistics” on 21st March, 2005.
  • National Level Seminar Organized on “Literature and Multimedia” in 22-23 Jan.2016

Extention Services

  • Dr.V.T.Thorat guides the students which appeared for various competition exams. i.e. MPSC, UPSC, SSB etc.
  • Dr.P.G.Ambekar guiding the students admitted in YCMOU Center of the college.

Innovative Practices

  • Literary qualities of the students are searched out. They are inspired for creative writing. This helped them to bloom their creative abilities.
  • As a result of this many such creative authors as well as journalists like Pradip Gujrathi, Vishnu Thore, Balasaheb Chavan, Amol Khare, Devidas Chaudhari, Kamlakar Desale, Gautam Sancheti etc are mounded in the college.

Future plans

  • Planned to organize University level seminar on ‘Navvadottari Gramm- Dalit Sahitya- Nirmiti’ in the year 2013-2014.
  • To organize lecture series of expert personalities for 3 days in the college.
  • Planner to organize “Kavi Sammelan” through literary association.