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LIBRARY DEPARTMENT (Established 1969)

Special Features

  • Partially Computerized
  • Separate Reading Room Facility For Boys and Girls
  • Reading room Capacity for 50 Students
  • Open Access for all Post Graduate College students
  • Special Collection to Competitive and NET/SET Examination
  • Internet Facility
  • List of Added books to the Library are circulated to concern of department of college
  • Newspaper cuttings of college activities and special Occasions.

Support Facilities

  • Internet with Broadband facility (2Mbps)
  • Server
  • Digital Copier of A3 Size (Print, Scan and Copy)
  • DELNET and INFLIBNET accounts
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Inverter
  • Fire extinguisher and fumigation facility is available.


Prin . Dr.S.C.Hale ( Chairperson)
Prof. R.S. Lokhande (Secretary)
Prof. S.J. Sonawane (Members)
Prof. Dr. V.T. Thorat --
Prof. Smt.K.S. Kakhandki --
Prof. K.K. Bachhav --

Collection : Books and Other Material
Senior/Junior 42459
Book Bank 1287
P.B.F. 4003
Vocational 274
Journals / Periodicals 67
News Papers 11
CDs 27

Subjectwise Books

Subjects Quantity
Sanskrit 66
Marathi 12298
Hindi 4701
English 5917
Economics 3365
Commerce 5580
Politics Civics 1699
Geography 1070
History 413
Sociology Civil 371
Religion 205
Philosophy Logic 263
Useful Arts (Sports) 78
Fine Arts 18
Psychology 81
Educational 398
General Ref.Books 646
Mathematics 708
Biology 431
Physics 639
Chemistry 1477
Zoology 525
Botany 585
Computer Sci. 48
Competitive Books 123
General Science 1300
Library Science 47
Law 14

Journals / Periodicals

List of Subject wise Journals/ Periodicals


  • Lalit
  • Marathi Sanshodhan Patrika
  • Sanshodhak
  • Asmitadarsh
  • Panchdhara
  • Nav Anustubh
  • Sahitysuchi
  • Kavitarati
  • Aksharvaidharbhi


  • Naya Dnyanoday
  • Samiksha
  • Navneet
  • Madhumati
  • Sanchetana
  • Samkalin Bhartiya Sahitya
  • Sahitya Amrut
  • Akar
  • Aakanth


  • Indian Literature
  • The Journal of Indian Writing In English
  • Reader Digest
  • Littcrit


  • Maharashtra Sinchan Vikas
  • Economic Political Weekly
  • Yojana
  • Arthasavad
  • Southern Economist
  • Arthbodh Patrika
  • Krushi Vidnyan
  • Sampada


  • Samaj Prabodhan Patrika
  • Economic Political Weekly
  • Paramarsha
  • Lokrajya
  • India Today


  • Deccan Geography
  • Maharashtra Bhugolshashtra Sanshodhan Patrika


  • Vishwajyoti
  • Navbharat

General Science

  • Vidnyan pragati
  • Current Science
  • Avishkar
  • Sakshatkar
  • Science Reporter
  • Electronic For You
  • 7. Health Screen
  • 8. Dream
  • 9. Everyman Science


  • Asian Journal of Chemistry
  • Research Journal of Chemistry Environment


  • Vyapari Mitra
  • India Journal of Management
  • Indian Journal of Marketing
  • Grahakhit
  • Vanijya Vishwa
  • Udhyojak


  • University News
  • Shikshan Sankraman


  • G.K.Today
  • C.S.R. (Hindi)
  • Lokrajya
  • Reader Digest
  • India Today (Hindi)
  • Saptahik Sakal
  • 7. Sadhana Saptahik
  • 8. Saptahik Vivek
  • 9. Vikalpvedh

Library Science

  • Mahiti Yug
  • Library Herold


  • Sportstar


Library provides following services:
  • Reference service
  • Open Access
  • Reprography services
  • Internet service
  • Home lending Services
  • Reading Room
  • Previous Year Question Papers of Examination
  • Syllabus Set of BA/B.Com/B.Sc/ M A (Mar & Hin)/ M Com.
  • Suggestion Box
  • OPAC
  • E-resources available through DOAJ
  • Competitive Exams Book service
  • News Clipping of Newspapers
  • Computerized Report


  • All the Staff Members & the Students of the college are the members of the Library
  • Membership for Students
  • Membership form are available at Library

Please Read the following notice for new membership and renewal of Membership



All the Students , who have taken admission in the college should take membership of library within one month.

Please bring following documents for New I-Card.

1. Admission Fee Receipt.

Note: If the Membership is not taken within the due date then we could not help in providing library Facility to the reader.

Monday to Friday - 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
Saturday - 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.
Sunday & Holiday - Closed



Library Membership

  • All students admitted in college,Teacher
  • Management of Authorities of parent institute
  • All M.Phil/Ph.D. Research worker of University of Pune and Y.C.M. Open Univ. Nashik
  • General Reader as per Rule.

Library Hours

  • On Monday to Friday 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
  • On Saturday 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.

Identity Card

  • Every Student Member has necessary I Card Issue Card.
  • Without Issued Library Reading Material are not issued.
  • Each member should show I Card to the Library Authority at the entrance to the Library or Circulation counter.
  • I Card Valid for the year only.
  • In the event of I Card lost, the holders of this card must bring the notice to the principal or Librarian.
  • Duplicate I Card will be issued to the member by charging Rs. 50/- .

Book Circulation

  • A book will be issued to the student only in exchange For one of his/her issue card.
  • In return a book to the library on or before due date If not return to due date he/she pay due charge.
  • Journals Publication, Dictionaries Reference books And such other documents cannot be taken on library account or I Card except with the permission of the library authority.
  • For Reading Room purpose book will be issued on I Card and this book will be return same day.
  • Before leaving the counter a member shall satisfy Himself as to whether the book lent to him is in sound condition, and if not, and he shall immediately bring the matter to the notice of the circular assistant otherwise at the time of the returning of the book he/she is liable to be asked to pay the cost purchase new copy of the book.

In the Stack Room

  • No Member will be allowed to take in the Stack Room or other similar material.
  • While inside the libraries and reading room no Member will be allows break the silence by taking or action of any kind, eating food, sleep on the table.
  • Do not damage to any fitting , furniture, book or Other kindled reading material of the library.
  • Replace on the self any book or other reading Material taken for use.

General Rules

  • Mobile is not allowed in Library Campus.
  • For details rules see the Notice Board in Library.
  • Any difficulty about library immediately contact to the librarian



R.S. Lokhande (B.Sc. M.Lib & I.Sc. NET)


Shri. K.B. Shinde (M.A. B.Lib.& I. Sc.)


Shri. Gaikwad V.S.
Shri. Pawar L.S.
Shri. Wani D.S.
Shri. Bagul N.S.
Shri. Kuwar Somnath


Resources Available under NLIST Programme
Please visit websites : http://nlist.inflibnet.ac.in/downloads.php to download the list of e-journals/ e-books covered in a given resources